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GEMCAST has moved

GEMCAST has rebooted and moved to a new site in an exciting collaboration with the Geriatric ED Collaborative (GEDC). Check us out here with lots of new episodes and guests!

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Week one in the COVID ICU

Dr. Kusum Mathews is a pulmonary and critical care physician and researcher at Mt. Sinai in NYC. She staffed the first week of her hospital’s COVID ICU. The week started off with only a few COVID-19 positive patients and escalated … Continue reading

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Why COVID-19 is a Geriatric Emergency

We are in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The mortality is highest in older adults. Dr. Teresita (Tess) Hogan and a team of Emergency Physicians recently wrote an article on things we should think about as we care … Continue reading

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Four Models of Care for Geriatric EDs

Many EDs around the world are working to become Geriatric EDs or geriatric-friendly EDs. Dr. Lauren Southerland led a group that looked at what models of care different EDs were using to become accredited geriatric EDs. They found four basic … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments of Geriatric EM Care

Christian Nickel, an Emergency Physician in Basel, Switzerland, has developed 10 commandments (or suggestions) for providing high quality geriatric EM care. This is a dense, high-yield episode in which we cover a wealth of practical tips for improving the care … Continue reading

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Principles of Geriatric EM Care

The Greatest Generation. There’s a reason the oldest patients in our Emergency Departments have earned this title. They’re resilient, stoic, and sometimes even sneaky. They’re our absolute favorite patients to care for. And if your ED is anything like ours, … Continue reading

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How to Do a Discharge Risk Assessment in the ED

For older patients, there are risks of being discharged home, but also risks of being admitted to the hospital. In some cases in the ED the decision to admit or discharge a patient is not cut and dry. In this … Continue reading

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Hypertensive Emergency Management with Clevidipine

  If you haven’t used clevidipine for hypertensive emergencies, you may want to give it a try. It comes as a pre-mixed bottle, has a fast onset (2 minutes), you can titrate up at 90 second intervals, and the terminal … Continue reading

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Advance Care Planning – What does it all mean?

This month we are looking at advance directives, DNR orders, living wills, MOST, and POLST forms. If you don’t understand what all of those are, then you should definitely listen! I am joined by Drs. Ferdinando Mirarchi and Marie-Carmelle Elie who … Continue reading

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Retiring the Term “Mechanical Fall” for Older Patients

ED physicians and APPs see older patients in the ED for falls every. single. shift. On this episode, geriatric EM expert Shan Liu talks about preventing future falls from the ED, and the fact that we should retire the term “mechanical … Continue reading

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