Geriatric Toxicology Part 3 – Digoxin and CCBs

halos2Digoxin and Calcium Channel Blockers are both medications that can cause unstable bradycardias. Patients who overdose on them can present extremely ill-appearing, and require rapid intervention and stabilization. In this final geri-tox episode, Dr. May Yen talks about identifying and managing patients, particularly older adults, with these overdoses. Who needs digibind? How much insulin is used in high-dose insulin euglycemic therapy? What are some last ditch efforts for severe calcium channel blocker overdoses? We also drop some board review pearls. For example, those halos classically associated with cardiac glycosides such as digoxin seem to be much more prevalent on board exams than in real life. Comments or thoughts? Feel free to leave comments below, or connect on twitter @gempodcast.


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  1. Jane Rivers says:

    What a great resource!!!!


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