Geriatric Toxicology Part 1 – Salicylates

aspirinToxicologic emergencies can present differently in older adults compared with younger patients. The physiologic changes of aging make older patients more prone to accidental overdoses because of a narrowed therapeutic window. In this podcast, toxicology-trained Emergency Physician, Dr. May Yen, talks about why older adults are at risk for therapeutic misadventures. We then discuss the management of acute and chronic salicylate toxicity. Patients with severe salicylate overdoses can be some of the sickest and most difficult to manage patients in the ED.

This will be part one of a series on geriatric toxicology. Stay tuned for 3 more cases in future episodes!

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2 Responses to Geriatric Toxicology Part 1 – Salicylates

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  2. Thanks for including this episode in the LITFL review!! Our next geri-tox podcast will be on acetaminophen overdoses… stay tuned!


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